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eARC is an intuitive and easy-to-use system that secures your organisation's information management. It features an out-of-the-box education-focused folder structure and a school's critical education-based retention and disposal authority for all information.

Toshiba‘s cloud-based eARC is your central repository for all records you need to keep for longer periods; paper storage is expensive and has the risk of destruction.

Based on the Australian Society of Archivists Records Retention & Disposal Schedule for Non-Government Schools, Toshiba has created a ready-to-go solution that is easy to use and fast to deploy. Best of all, eARC is cloud-based and secure. The solution has predefined filing structures and dedicated forms that allow every school to scan or upload documents of all types with minimal data entry. Examples of documents archived:

Student application process
Staff management
Financial records and reporting
Incident management

Electronic Archive for Education

The subscription-based eARC will store all records in Australian-based data centres with secure access and is supported by Toshiba’s Australian-based technical team. The regular health checks, low latency InfiniBand network and robust “always-on” services ensure that users are never left waiting for the system to catch up. Best of all, authorised users will access the school’s important information from wherever they are. Toshiba's eARC makes it easy to find documents based on their applied metadata or even their content. 

The search engine analyses each document and makes content search easy. eARC helps to address critical challenges, such as:

Confusing or unstructured file repositories
Maintaining disposal oversight
Incorrectly applied retention periods
Enforcing governance for critical processes

A Schools Folder Structure
Our solution comes with a proven folder structure for storing organisational and student related information designed for educational entities.

Proven Experience
Out of the box best practice folder structure to allow organistions to hit the ground running

Microsoft interface
Seamless integration into Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

The simple to use and intuitive search technology finds documents by using content, semantic and linguisitic search mechanisms

Document Retention and Disposal
An easy-to-use system for non-government education organisations to ensure proper filing and retention periods

  • Based on the Australian Society of Archivists Records Retention Schedule for Non-Government Schools
  • A user-friendly document filing process allows departments to indicate the function and class the document belongs to 
  • Automatically applied retention periods based on organisational requirements
  • Utilises eARC's powerful search engine to ensure proper document
    disposal at the correct time
  • An easy-to-implement retention policy allows for the creation of a
    disposal authority tailored to an organisation's needs and risk assessment.

Scalable and Affordable Cloud

ELO's secure, scalable cloud solution stores all information in quality Australian data centres. With the optional SharePoint integration, users can upload documents or search for information directly from within SharePoint, using the operator's single sign-on information to ensure secure access.

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